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Karl Janssen’s Genealogy Site

If you’ve found this page, chances are you were googling an ancestor and stumbled upon my site. Welcome to the family!

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How to use this site
This site contains an interactive database of over 60,000 people who are related to me, either by blood or by marriage. Click on the Surnames link for an alphabetical list of surnames. Click on the Index link for an alphabetical list of all individuals.

This database contains a series of “family cards.” The Home Card link takes you to the family card for my wife and I, the starting point for this family tree. Each card contains a central couple or individual; males on the left, females on the right. Their parents are listed above them and their children are listed below them. Clicking on the names of parents or children will navigate you up or down the family tree. The family cards only display basic information such as date and place of birth and death. However, if you click on the names of the central male or female on each card, you can view additional biographical information for that individual.

I am an amateur genealogist and I do not guarantee the accuracy of this information. I have included footnote information throughout the database, so you can judge for yourself the reliability of the data. Clicking on the Sources link will bring you to the list of sources, or you can just click on any of the footnote numbers.

I’m happy to hear from and share information with anyone who’s related to me. My web site and email addresses appear at the bottom of every page.

Janssen/Phelan Family History
For those of you who know you’re related to me (siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews), I have written a series of historical essays which summarize the data contained in my database.

Our Dutch Heritage
Covering the families Janssen, Geenen, and others

Our German Heritage
Covering the families Rupiper, Alby, and others

Our Belgian Heritage
Covering the families Dart, Kaye, Licoppe, and others

Our Irish Heritage
Covering the families Phelan, Houlehan, and ancient Celtic kings

Our Polish Heritage
Covering the families Pasternacki, Kubisiak, Maslowski, and others

Our Cro-Magnon Heritage
Covering the results of a DNA test by the National Geographic Society

Karl Janssen Pedigree Chart (pdf file)
Showing all the direct ancestors of Jay and Ann Janssen, to the best of my knowledge

Karl Janssen • www.karljanssen.com • kjanssen@ku.edu

These pages are automatically generated by the genealogical software Reunion 8 for Macintosh. Last updated 3 Oct 2012.

To insure the privacy of living persons, they are listed in name only. Further information about them will not be displayed on this site.